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Service Management Planning

by Karen Estlund, Tony Navarrete, Carolyn Caizzi, Patricia Hswe, and Hannah Frost

Workshop for managers covering key concepts to transition from a project management to a service management framework. Hands-on activities will provide participants will opportunities to brainstorm and take materials back to their institutions to inform local practices.


  • Carolyn Caizzi, Northwestern University
  • Karen Estlund, Penn State University
  • Hannah Frost, Stanford University
  • Patricia Hswe, Penn State University
  • Tony Navarrete, Stanford University



Additional Activities

Release to Production Checklist

Special thanks to Linda Newman, University of Cincinnati, for her support and feedback in organizing this workshop!

All levels

Karen Estlund

Karen Estlund is the Associate Dean for Technology & Digital Strategies at the Penn State University Libraries. She's been working with Hydra since 2012.

Tony Navarrete

Tony leads the Product and Service Management team at Stanford University Libraries. The PSM team provides both product management and service management across the breadth of preservation, access and discovery solutions developed in the libraries. Tony has spent most of his career bouncing between IT roles at Stanford and trying to hit a home run with various Silicon Valley startups. After a couple of singles, he decided to retire from that game.

Carolyn Caizzi

Carolyn is the acting head of Repository and Digital Curation at Northwestern University Library.

Patricia Hswe

Patricia heads user services for ScholarSphere, Penn State's IR, and is also co-department head of Publishing and Curation Services in the University Libraries. Her additional areas of interest and advocacy are research data, digital collections, and open access publishing.

Hannah Frost

Hannah is Digital Library Services Manager at Stanford University, working primarily on digital repository services and media digitization services for the Stanford community. She also is Product Manager for Hydra in a Box. She likes to roller skate and is a little dissappointed that the Minnesota Roller Girls will not have a game the week of Hydra Connect.

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